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Tini FAQ
WhiteShark Tini motor parameters
Brushless DC motor, 400W, maximum speed 2470RPM, motor class B continuous operation.
Is WhiteShark Tini's battery and adapter common to other Sublue products?
Tini's battery and adapter are common to Sublue Swii and Navbow standard batteries and adapters.
Can WhiteShark Tini battery be carried on plane?
Tini standard battery is 98Wh, no declaration, more convenient to carry on board. Each person carries a maximum of two lithium batteries. Another optional 158WH battery, continuous operation of 1h, achieve longer endurance.
How long is Tini battery endurance?
Tini power system with standard battery 98wh: The usual use time is up to 45mins (Running in high speed continuously for 20mins and low speed for 35mins); Tini power system with optional battery 158wh: The usual use time is up to 75mins (Running in high speed continuously for 32mins and low speed for 55mins) The usual use time of control handle is up to 150mins (Continuous running time 100mins).
What is the standard battery size for WhiteShark Tini?
Capacity: 6600 mAh Weight: 870g (98Wh)
How to judge whether the motion system battery is fully charged?
There is an LED indicator in the upper right corner of the adapter, showing the charging state: "Green": the battery is fully charged; "Red": the battery is charging.
How long can the WhiteShark Tini battery be fully charged?
The charging time of 98wh lithium battery is about 2 hours
Are there any other add-on accessories and new ways to operate by WhiteShark Tini?
Now, Sublue has developed accessories such as floater (including phone waterproof case holder), inflatable kickboard (large buoyancy,simple installation, double propeller model (greater thrust and sailing speed), one-hand operation (such as with diving across strap), the large capacity battery, colorful stickers and other accessories. For more suggestions, please contact us at support@sublue.com. Thank you.
What are the accessories and mount extensions of WhiteShark Tini?
WhiteShark Tini adopts Sublue self-developed high-efficiency motion system and wireless control technology, innovative modular design, realizes the flexible assembly of components, is convenient to carry, and meets the diversified needs of single-boosting, double-boosting, multiple-boosting, and motion assistance. Optional floater, mobile phone waterproof case holder, double-boosting combination handle, inflatable floating board and other official accessories. There is a standard sports camera hanging point under the front of the product, and a mobile phone waterproof case holder is added through the floater accessory shell to easily record underwater moments.
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